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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Greensboro Show Results

I'm only placing Top 2 placings, to keep the results down. I got several thirds in the larger classes as well.

Day 1, Saturday:

Show A:
(all these are woolies)

Keep's Poplar- Self Sr. Buck- 2/6
Keep's Cairo- Shaded Sr. Buck- 1/3 BOSG
Keep's Heart Throb- Shaded Jr. Buck- 1/2

Show B:
Keep's Poplar- 2/6
Keep's Tryon- 1/3- BOSG

Day 2, Sunday:

Specialty 1:
Keep's Tryon- 1/6- BOG
Keep's Cairo- 2/6
Keep's Bahama- Shaded Sr. Doe- 2/6
Keep's Epiphany- 1/6

Specialty 2:
Keep's Tryon- 1/6- BOG
Keep's Bahama- 2/6

Show C:
Keep's Poplar- 1/7- BOSG *granding leg*
Keep's Tryon- 1/5

Show D:
Keep's Poplar- 1/6- BOSG

The rabbits were ready to bite by Show C & D and were cringing by the time the carriers opened. It was such a long, stressful experience for the poor bunnies.

I'm overall pretty pleased with my placings considering the excellent competition that came to play! A BIG Congratulations to Joni, who owns Keep's Burlington. He took a BOSB! :).

Keep's Rabbitry

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