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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm so in love with this weather. It's nice and warm, the bunnies are happy and best of all- the does are in the MOOD!

I got another holland doe bred today and I'm probably going to head out in a few minutes and try a few wooly does too. It's hard to decide who to breed to who- I feel like I have a strong set of bucks.

I've learned the value of doing my most important breedings first. I lost Wooligans Little Mama while she was pregnant with her second litter. Thankfully, she was bred to Tryon on her first litter and produced my two beautiful little does.

I lost Lil Bit Farms Jazz Hands after HER first litter. She died mysteriously three days after giving birth to HER first litter. Thankfully, she was bred to the buck I most wanted to try her with.

I guess I need to think a little more closely about who these girls are going to be bred to. You never know when something terrible will happen and that litter will be your last. :(

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