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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The weather has turned cold again! I'm currently enjoying the heat of a mobile-kitty-heater. Also known as Boo. It is so nice to have an animal to snuggle that will keep you warm!

I got my show entries in yesterday- by the skin of my teeth! I had thought they were due today. Oops.

I'm excited for a show, I miss seeing my friends! I have a few animals to drop off that are for sale or sold, and I'm picking up Jasmine, my belgian hare doe (who is for sale) and a pet AFL buck. Yeah I know, another pet. But I feel like I *know* this rabbit and can't stand the thought of him being raffled or given up for meat. He's an old guy, I hope he takes the transition well.

Greensboro is offering the opportunity of showing SIX times. I won't be taking advantage of that with all the rabbits, it's just too expensive to do 4 $4 shows and then the 2 specialities ($5 if you enter both) with a large number of animals. I'm showing just 6 woolies on Saturday and 1 Belgian Hare. Sunday's entries are I believe 4 woolies and no hares. I haven't signed up for the specialities yet.

We're staying with Brenda, Paige and Kylee of Narrow Gate Farms on Friday night and then I'm splitting a hotel with Joni at Lyle Creek on Saturday. I am thrilled to get to spend time with everyone :D.

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