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Monday, March 22, 2010

Breeding Rabbits is DANGEROUS

So, I'll post more on the Greensboro show another day, but I had to tell this story.

I was helping with the youth breed ID and various other youth activities through out the weekend. On Saturday, I was heading back to my grooming table when we heard a SLAM. Everyone's head WHIPPED towards the noise and there was a collective gasp in the very large showroom-

a table of flemish giants COLLAPSED.

Even worse, it collapsed on top of Judge Jay Hreiz's FOOT.

Thankfully, everybunny was ok and that includes the judge! He was able to joke about it later, though I KNOW it had to hurt.

This is why the small bunnies are better than the biggies :P

Keep's Rabbitry


NB Rabbitry said...

When I was at a 4-H show a while ago TWO tables collasped. XD One had mini rex and I forgot what was on the other one though. Poor things were flyin' all over the place.

Susie said...

So scary but I still laughed. I just couldn't help it. :P