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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red Jersey Woolies and other Presentations.

I hate to say it, but Red Jersey Woolies are not presenting today at the ARBA Convention.   They did not pass the breed club inspection due to mismatched toenails on the senior buck.

This is the second fail for reds (they did not present last year), so the variety fails.  They'll try again in a few years.

Otter Mini Satin- Pass (New Variety)
Smoke Pearl MS- Fail (pimple)
Lilac MS- Fail (pimple and broken toe)
Chin Dutch-Fail (brassy)
Blue New Zealand - Fail (white spot)
Red Jersey Wooly- Not presented-Fail (white toenail)
Lilac Havana- Fail
REW Lionhead- Pass
Tort LH- Pass

Black LH- Fail (white spot)
Blue Britannia Petites- Not presented- Fail

Sable Mini Rex- Fail (white spot)
Smoke Pearl MR- Pass (New Variety)

Chocolate Silver Fox-Fail (split penis)
Blue Silver Fox- Pass
Blue MS-Pass
Black MS-Pass (New Variety)
Chocolate MS-Pass (New Variety
Broken MS-Fail (no show)
Argente Brun-Fail (no show)
BEW Britannia Petite-Fail
Broken Petite-Pass (New Variety)
Tort Mini Satin-Pass
Silver Marten MS-Pass

Squirrel MS-Fail (toenail)
Blue Point Holland Lop- Fail (broken tail)
Lilac Polish- Fail (mismatched toenail)
Champagne Netherland Dwarf- Fail (no show)

Tort Britannia Petite- Fail (mismatched toenails)
Sable Britannia Petite- Fail (white spot)
Copper Mini Satin- Pass

Black Giant Angora- Fail (No Show)

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