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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tim's Project

There is something new around the rabbitry- a very special trio of rabbits, the like of which have never been seen in the barn before.  Considering the various breeds I've raised, transported or kept as pets over the years, this is impressive.

We now have a trio of Florida Whites here at Keep's Rabbitry.

These bunnies came to us for a very specific purpose.  Last year, Tim went to Cange, Haiti.  He came home full of ideas on how to help the people, but with one particular one that really got him excited- he wanted to take meat bunnies to Haiti.

Our goal is to switch these guys over to a more natural diet, to better help the Haitians.  They don't have Purina feed mills on every corner and we don't want to take food out of their mouths to feed the rabbits.  However, rabbits enjoy things like banana peels- and people don't eat those! There will be other feeds and hay that they will get, of course.  We're going to be testing out what works best to keep the animals healthy and producing.

When the time comes, we will load up carriers full of offspring and head down to Haiti to do a presentation on how to properly care for the animals- breeding, feeding, sexing, culling- the whole 9 yards!  It is our hope that these three rabbits produce a starter herd for the Haitians that helps the people there have enough food to eat and excess to sell. 

It will be interesting to be sure!  I will post periodic updates here on the blog.



April said...

I've told you already but I think it's so wonderful you and Tim are doing this! I love how caring you both are and it's so neat you can take your own passion and hobby and turn it into something that can help people in need.

Keep said...

Thank you April :)

Emily said...

Wow, what an amazing idea! That is awesome. Do keep us updated! What a wonderful way to help those people.