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Monday, November 19, 2012

Outside the Norm

I typically only show in North Carolina and at the National shows.  That isn't to say I've never been elsewhere- I've gone to Pennsylvania and Ohio, Tennessee and South Carolina for "normal" shows, but we are lucky to have a fair number of shows in North Carolina, so I don't stray too far.

I woke up to a message from Joni one day- she had been talking to Lisa and Sarah (Sarah being one of our youth wooly breeders, Lisa is her mom) and they had decided to head down to Georgia for the Conyers triple- would I be interested in going?

I hemmed and hawed a bit. We would go down Friday and wouldn't come back until Sunday, so I would have to get the day off on Sunday, not to mention make sure I wasn't missing anything I needed to attend here.  In the end, I went with them.
Lovely photo of me writing for Judge Tom Green while Sarah listens for comments on her pointed, Juliet.  Taken by Joni!

We had such a nice time!  The Conyers show was very well run.  I ended up writing for all three Open Wooly shows and two of the Youth shows as well, so I got an up close look at every rabbit put on the table.  There were some lovely animals!

I have several "heart breakers" aka second places.  Poor Panda placed second in two of the three shows, which wasn't bad considering I had found a half dollar sized bald spot on his back as I was grooming him at the show.   I did end up picking up several class and group (or opposite) wins.

The crowning part of the showing-segment of the day was when Keep's Lovesong, my little Agouti junior doe, took BOSB!  My juniors have done really well this show year and quite a few of them are only missing a senior leg to grand out- Lovesong included!

I got to see some friends that don't show as much in North Carolina and I got to meet new folks, which is always the best.  I wish I had had a little more time to sit around and "meet and greet", but writing took up so much of my time.

I sold Keep's Ninja and Keep's Tribal to homes I'm feeling really good about- so I have extra cage space! Thrilling :).

Overall, it was a great weekend.  We had a ball and if I'm a little hoarse and a tad exhausted today, it was totally worth it. 


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