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Monday, November 12, 2012

Keep's Catching Fire

I had an excellent show on Saturday- we had such a huge turnout, 73 woolies in Show A, 76 in Show B with lots of breeders there. It was great!

Rather than give you all my results, I'm going to focus on just one little lady-

Meet Keep's Catching Fire.  She's a siamese sable junior doe.  Her picture kind of gives away my exciting news-  She won Best of Breed in Show A, under a judge that admittedly doesn't choose juniors.  In fact, his words were "Well...you may call me crazy but..."

Catching Fire was completely over being posed in this picture (thank you Joni, for use of your camera!), but I have to tell you, this little lady is beautiful.  Our judge in Show B kept confusing her for being a junior buck.  That's something you always want to hear!

I'm so proud of this little lady, I can't wait for her to turn senior (although believe me when I say that will be bitter sweet) and I sure can't wait to have her babies running around the rabbitry!



April said...

She's a pretty doe, Keep! I love all your bunnies. :)

Keep said...

Thanks April! :)