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Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy Show Weekend

This weekend was incredibly busy.

Friday I headed to Joni's house to spend the weekend.  We were heading to Fairview for the double on Saturday and since we had to be up bright and early, it is just easiest to go to Joni's, since she's so much closer.

We had a great time typing her babies and chatting about shows.  All too early, Saturday morning arrived and we loaded up to head to the mountains!

Show A was INCREDIBLE! We had a judge I've never shown under- Karen from NY.  I was happy to see she had gentle hands with the woolies and wasn't afraid to credit a nice junior!

Keep's Orion (broken black sr. buck) won BOB, while Keep's Lovesong (agouti jr. doe) won BOSB! I was floored!  I'm not sure I can even remember all the BOGs and BOSGs, but several of my juniors earned their first legs.  I was very happy with the results!

The second show, Panda won a BOSG and was looked at hard for BOB.  The judge was one that doesn't choose juniors unless there is really no other option.  Since 6 of my 11 entries were juniors, I didn't do nearly as well in this show.  That's the way the cookie crumbles.

While waiting for BIS, I made new friends! It's so funny how you see someone around shows for years, but never really talk with them.   Then when you finally do, you find a new friend.  I am sure there is a lesson in that somewhere, but I'm too tired to go all philosophical right now.

We returned to Joni's, where her husband treated us to grilled burgers.  Ohhh they were yummy!  Joni & I crashed not long after dinner, knowing we had to be up early on Sunday for the next show.

We headed to Winston Salem early the next morning.  Neither of us had ever attended the Dixie Classic show, so we thought "why not."

The first show we had Piper Smith, who I've never shown under before.  I was interested to see her judging style and was just as pleased with her as I was with Karen. I love a judge with soft hands when it comes to touching the animals!

Keep's Panda took BOB!  Joni's adorable little self junior doe (8 weeks old) won BOSB!  Again- I can't remember the BOG and BOSG placements, but I was pleased with the comments on the babies.

In the second show came the biggest surprise of the weekend.

Keep's KPP (shaded jr, buck) took BOB, while Keep's Dove (shaded jr. doe) took BOSB.  If you'd given me 10 guesses and a million dollars I could have never predicted that- especially since both of them are under 4 months old.  I guess the junior buck needs a name sooner rather than later!

Overall it was a fun weekend and I'm glad I got to spend so much time chatting with so many different folks.  Of course, the cumulative 3 BOBs and 2 BOSBs didn't hurt my feelings either!


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