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Friday, October 19, 2012

Convention Wishes

I'm not going to Convention this year.  After the stresses of the past two, I made the decision that I needed a break.  It helps a lot that Convention is in Wichita, which is really just too far for me to go- Indianapolis almost killed me!

That isn't to say that now, just a few days before everyone converges for the largest rabbit show in the world, I'm not regretting that I won't be there.  Nevermind the molting rabbits, I'm just really going to miss my friends from the other areas.

I wish I was going.

You know what they say though- if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

So instead, my wish is that everyone who goes has a wonderful time, learns a lot and makes new friends.  I hope that everyone who goes has at least one placement that exceeds their wildest expectations.  I wish that everyone would get there safely and return home safely- and yes, bunnies are included in that!

Go enjoy yourselves folks- and don't forget to post pictures and updates for all of those who are sitting at home, wishing we were with you!


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