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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sell Down Update

My sell-down is going very well! I have 6 animals that will be leaving at Convention time, all to really good homes, with folks who are excited about them.  That makes me very happy, though it's hard to let these guys go.

I have a few more rabbits earmarked for the sales page very soon.  They are so young, I want to get a good idea of what their type will be before I commit to selling them.  I try to be very picky about what I sell.  If I don't like it, you won't either!

I'm also selling a 6-hole stacker.  It will open up a little extra space in the Rabbitry.  I'm also sad to see it go, but since my plan is still to move down to 30 holes, there is no point in holding on to it and letting it get covered it dust and cobwebs.  After the 6 holer goes, I'll have a few single hole cages to move out as well.  I've just got to wait until I get my numbers down so I can open the cages up.

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