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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evaluating Babies

I was part of a discussion recently about when to evaluate juniors- and it surprised me, but a lot of folks mentioned evaluating their kits at 4 weeks. As in... "This 4 week old right here is my keeper. The end of discussion".

It happens that I have some 4 weekers out in the rabbitry right now. My plan is to evaluate them and keep a log of who I liked best and what faults are, then see how true that holds as they grow. Since I frequently hold on to a couple from each litter to grow out, it should be an interesting study.

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LHHR said...

Lineage dependent. If you're an experienced breeder who knows the lines they're working with -- perhaps they do know what a keeper is at 4 weeks. Other people... well... ;)

Great idea! I do that occasionally with litters (esp if they're consistent) and since I don't see mine often it helps remember who looked like what last time.