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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have been in a deep depression over the rabbits recently. I made the decision to cull down to 30 holes, so I have a lot of nice looking brood and show animals available right now. I am willing to let some of the broods go cheap if they can be picked up relatively quickly- as in the next week or so. I'm struggling with the decision of whether to sell out or not. I've promised Tim I will wait until the show season starts back up, but it's so hard- it's hot and miserable, the woolies are blowing their coats, I'm still grieving Tryon and I get stressed when I sell animals, which perhaps makes it my least favorite part of raising rabbits.

I will have some stacker cages available for sale soon. I know I have earmarked 1 6-holer for sale already. Please do not contact me about them now, I'll be sure to post here when the cages are ready.

Jersey Wooly Sweeps came out- I placed 6th this year overall and 2nd in our district. That was a pleasant surprise, I've been trying not to follow sweeps this year and frankly, in all that had happened this summer I haven't even thought about them.

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Teresa1982 said...

You have a very nice looking blog!

Keep said...

Thank you Teresa :)