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Monday, February 15, 2010

Yay for getting stuff done

YAY for getting stuff done today!

Even though the weather was clear, it was a chilly 35 degrees with a nice brisk wind. ICK! Is it spring time yet?

We got several empty cages scrubbed out and I was finally able to separate two litters. I've left the juniors together much longer than usual because it's been SO COLD, I wanted the babies to be able to snuggle together for warmth. It's worked, I haven't lost any rabbits to the cold.

However, all that snuggling has left my juniors with some chewed coats and mats!

So, while Tim dumped pans, I set to work detangling some junior coats. Thankfully most weren't too bad, though I made some enemies in the barn today. :( Ahh well, they'll survive lol. I try to end grooming sessions with snuggling and a treat- like some hay or a few oats. Kind of a "I know it wasn't fun, but don't hate me forever" bribe.

I also started taking pictures of my Nationals sales animals and I resexed a set of juniors- what I had thought was a buck and a doe turned out to be two does- THANKFULLY, because I do not need to deal with more bucks right now! It's easier to choose between two does.

I seem to have lost my tattooer. BOOOO. I'm not pleased right now. I just ordered a touch up pen and hopefully that will work to do some permanent tats until I can either find the MIA tool or purchase a new one.

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