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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maternity Ward

Ugh it looks like a Maternity Ward in my house!

To start off- my first timer doe, a REW, kindled 3 beautiful pinkies today! I'm a little concerned, the dad is a black out of a Black x Pointed White. O.O I hope all 3 babies aren't AOV. Cross your fingers for me!

The Siamese Sable doe managed to trash her cage by ripping all of her hay out of the nestbox. After doing it AGAIN this afternoon, she's living in the kitchen. Excellent.

The Sable Point doe did the same thing as the S.S doe, though one upped her by pulling a nice amount of wool and lining the wire with it. She did the SAME THING this afternoon and is now in the living room. In a solid bottom cage. Filled with shavings. *shudder* Shavings and Wool- ugh!

Oh well, at least I have 3 babies :D.

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1 comment:

Whitney said...

lol those naughty woolies!

Emmer is currently taking up almost my whole office with her cage... I can't wait for the babies to have fur and be able to return to the bunny barn.

Oh the things we do for baby bunnies..