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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breeding to see the Miracle of Birth

So. You want to breed to see the Miracle of Birth? You want your kids to experience it, so you MUST have a pair of rabbits, right? It'll be FUN for them to see the miracle of birth, it'll be FUN to raise your own litter, it'll just be great!

First off- rabbits are pretty private. They are going to be giving birth in a nestbox, where not a whole lot is visible.

See this litter of four? THREE of these babies will not survive their first 3 days of life. How do I know? They are peanuts. Peanuts fail to thrive. So your child will get to watch their litter of four dwindle down on Day 2 to 1 fat baby and 3 extremely skinny babies. On Day 3, they'll get to find three emaciated corpses. FUN FUN FUN!

So you get one baby. In cold weather, a singleton has a harder time keeping warm alone. In warm weather, it's still difficult. If your doe accidentally messes up the nest, you can go out to find a healthy, dead baby. FUN FUN FUN!

Let's say the baby survives to 2 weeks old, opens it's eyes and hops out of the nestbox. Aww, they are precious at this age. So nosy, so curious- and also so likely to get stomped by mom. Yep, it happens more than you think. Accidental death of a precious fuzzy baby! FUN FUN FUN!

Now your baby is eating solid food, assuming it's made it this far. Choking on a pellet- possible. Dehydration- possible, especially as mom's milk dries up. Severe Poopy butt, leading to death- possible. My favorite, the silent killer, Enteritis- VERY possible. Chance you have a fader on your hand that just fails to thrive in an ideal environment, possible. Dead by weaning age- FUN FUN FUN!

There is a chance that your baby will survive. There is chance your doe will kindle 5 babies and there will be no trouble at all with the litter to weaning age. Then what do you do with them? Hopefully you know how to sex them. All those folks who would definitely take a baby if you bred your pair (assuming you asked around beforehand) will more than likely back out on you. Circumstances changed, just couldn't wait and wanted to get one sooner, got a puppy instead. Stuck with 5 babies! FUN FUN FUN.

So now you have to find homes for 5 baby bunnies. Enjoy feeding them all, changing all that bedding and interviewing people who want to take on a baby bunny.

I'm not sure who told you the Miracle of Birth was fun or fair. But before you breed just to see it happen, try checking out online resources- I'm sure something is giving birth in a video on youtube, and you don't bring heartache to your child or more pet quality bunnies in to the world!

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