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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Sweden:

This is a post made by Amanda at Galfvensjos Rabbitry in regards to the Building Collapse at the Sweden National Rabbit show:

"I was there and it was really horrible! At first they thought that around 800 rabbits was dead. It didn't seemed like many could have survived under the fallen roof. But today the rescue the last rabbit, they have found around 200 dead rabbits. They have rescued around 1150. It was around 1700 rabbits at the show so it's really amazing that so few died. But pretty many rabbits are still missing, maybe it will be a rabbit invasion in Nyköping to the summer...

I only showed 5 rabbits, I also had some rabbit for sale with me. At Saturday morning I received a SMS there it stood that the roof had felt down on the rabbits. I was really horrified and drew to the show. There I saw that they have found my two transport boxes with my for sale rabbits and my Flemish Giant. Two Californians and two Svensk Päls was missing. At Saturday morning we drove to the show and then they have found my two Californians. But they haven't found my two Svensk Päls... We was force to drive home, but they was still continue searching for rabbits. Yesterday I saw on the internet that they have found my two Svensk Päls - alive! So I get them transported to me on Thursday. So I'm really lucky - all my rabbits survived.

This was the Swedish National Convention, so the breeders had their best rabbits with them, and many of them lost their best rabbits. And some breeders haven't found a single rabbit... It's such a tragedy!

But all this happened at 01.30 AM, what if it have happened at 15.00 PM?! Then it would have been a much much worse disaster!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-AgEhDdZgU "

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