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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wow, so the weather has been CRAZY lately.

It would figure, the year I try to go to PaSRBA, it would be all screwy!

Anyway, yep, you heard it right- Keep's Rabbitry is heading up to Pennsylvania to give it our best shot!

If only someone had told the bunnies that the best shot is kind of required- most are molting right now, ergh.

I will have a Belgian Hare Doe available- she is proven, I'm keeping a daughter out of her. She threw some beautiful babies. She is still young and has many years of baby making ahead of her.

I've got a pair of woolies to deliver- two hollands went on ahead to Maryland and are going to their new owners from there. I wasn't sure at the time if I'd be able to make it, it's nice it's going to work out!

Keep's Rabbitry

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