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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Traumatic Day

I had 4 animals outside in the rabbit pen today- 3 mini lops and my siamese sable holland doe. They are all young and get along well together. They were all playing around and I had a person come out and buy a pair of mini lops.

So I left the other 2 in the pen to have a good time- it's a beautiful day after all, weather is perfect and they enjoyed the grass. I wish you could have seen the binkying.

We get ready to leave the house, so I go out to put the animals up- the Siamese Sable holland is GONE. GONE. I yell for Tim, we search high and low, around the house, in the garden, under the cars- she's gone.

We still had to leave, but I cracked the rabbitry just in case she came back, smelled the others, etc. After all, we've had rabbits get out before but never leave the open rabbitry (thankfully)

So.... we come home, it's dark, but I try to look around again- can't find her sad.gif. I was starting to feed and told Tim "It just makes me sick to think of her out there-" we have coyotes (I've been told), stray cats, dogs, etc. all around us, plus a road on 2 sides and she's just a young holland.

As I say that Tim goes "oh my god, there she is."

YEAH.....she came back! ohmy.gif I was so happy, I was seriously feeling sick to my stomach thinking about her out in the world alone.

Sooooo traumatic! Thankfully she displayed some common sense! Maybe she missed her sister, I don't know. I'm so thrilled she's back, now we've got to figure out how she got out and fix up that pen! I don't want this happening again for sure!

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