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Monday, October 13, 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream...

I haven't been sleeping well lately, mainly due to weird Convention dreams! Isn't it funny how our minds get so worked up over something? I'm not dreaming my animals are molting or pass away- I'm cramming Convention in to tiny outdoor fair areas with mini dachshund shows in the basement. Or better yet, I'm dreaming that the holland buck I'm picking up is unavailable and I get stuck with pretty much the worst example of a holland I've ever seen.

I want to remind everyone that you do need your ARBA card to check in. I lost mine last night (found it this morning, thankfully) and I don't want anyone getting there only to realize their card is now hours or days away.

We're bringing small water bottles for the rabbits and perhaps the bowls they are used to as well! Not to mention zip ties for the cage and oats in case someone goes off feed.

I'm hoping that making plans will keep the dreams from overwhelming me. I don't think I'll sleep well until Convention is over lol!

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