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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kentucky is getting closer!


I can not believe it's coming up so fast! I feel like I'm in a race with time- will she come out of her molt? Will he get the perfect touch to his wool? Should I have entered ____ instead of ____?

Since we're rooming with some other folks from California, we've got to coordinate our driving with their flight. Luckily, they are arriving after I had planned to get there, so yay!

We have to set up a pet sitter for the cats and rabbits, take the dogs to my in-laws, print copies of ALL correspondence on behalf of Convention- that is, I plan to have a copy of every screen of the entry process, as well as of our hotel room confirmation, parking pass confirmation if it doesn't arrive- everything!

Snacks are on my mind- what to take, we can't afford to eat every meal and snacks in the Convention hall! I've heard prices are quite a bit on the high side.

I need to get a list of phone numbers of folks who want to meet up while we're there, confirm ear numbers on animals I'm picking up for other people-

So much to do!! EEK!

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