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Monday, October 13, 2008


Fall is here! The leaves are changing, nights are getting cooler and of course, the rabbits are molting! I love the beautiful colors of fall and the great temperatures though!

I like to give the rabbits extra hay during especially molty times. I also try to give papaya tablets to each, to help break down the fur they are ingesting while grooming.

It's about time to do a last, huge rabbitry cleaning until Spring! During the winter, it's often too cold here in the mountains to drag all the cages outside and scrub them. If worst comes to worst, we will work on a cage by cage basis, but it's sure not fun!

I'm dreading finding the frozen water bottles that winter brings! I'll be blogging later on tips to keep the bottles from freezing- I've heard some fun new tricks since last year!

For now, I'm just trying to enjoy Fall. Breeding does for a last baby boom- after all, winter can be difficult to get babies and when you do get litters, kitcicles are a very real danger.

I'm also looking forward to bagging up those fall leaves for free roughage for the rabbits! They LOVE playing in crunchy leaves, and it's beneficial for them to eat it as well :).

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