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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Show Results!

Wow, it was.......an interesting day :).

To begin with, we noticed a fellow exhibitor wasn't around for Show A. It was odd, because she was supposed to be coming, but we assumed something came up- oh man did it! The poor folks were stuck on the off ramp about 10 miles away! Thankfully they had a relative to come get them, and ended up having to tow the bunny van home, but geez! After a light bit of teasing, I drove home the point we need to have cell numbers passed around! I haven't forgotten, so expect an email from me soon Jacklyn!

Show A went well in the woolies! Forest took BOSB again (darn Shaded doe whips us every time lol) and Tryon took BOSG (to that same doe). I was pleased with my boys! My little Dreamer got very excellent comments, but of course she blew out her wool cap! I can't wait for her to get a little older.

Show B went....differently. Keep's Lucky took 2/5 in the broken junior doe class, which thrilled me! THRILLED ME. However- we managed to lose the broken jr. buck class winner, a doe was not judged because she was thought to be that buck- it was a big mess! Thankfully it all got squared away.

Congratulations to Janice who cleaned up on the Holland tables! I hope she had room for all her trophies going home :P !

Show B in woolies- uhm. I was extremely disappointed by the judge we were appointed. Even the youth have told me they feel their fees are wasted under him. True to form, we did terribly under him. Thankfully the BOB and BOSB rabbits were deserving......that is, after someone told him that he had chosen BOB & BOSB to 2 does. I've made the decision not to show under this judge any longer, I just DO NOT like the way he handles the animals.

I sold a pair of hollands (bye Bowser! *sniffle*) and a mini lop doe today- I'm so thankful for the cage space and I'm happy about the placements. I know both exhibitors take really good care of their animals.

I've also set up appointments for several folks to come out and look at juniors! Slowly but surely, the mini lops are leaving us.

I'm also offering a proven quad of mini lops for sale at a large discount. I think these 4 could be an EXTREMELY good start to minis for someone. They include 2 previously unoffered animals.

Wow, I'm tired! Getting up at 5:30am will do that to ya though! Enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to spend a bit more time socializing!

Keep's Rabbitry

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