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Saturday, January 26, 2013

So cold

It's been very cold here the past week- well perhaps folks to the far North wouldn't think it was cold, but to us hot-house flowers here in the South, it was very cold.

Yesterday, despite the insulation and the closed off conditions of the rabbitry, all the water bottles froze- all but one that is.  It was very odd.   We ended up tossing all the bottles in to a big rubbermaid container and bringing them in the house to thaw for a few hours.   The upside is we were able to fill them up in the house, and just run quickly outside, toss the bottles on the cages and run back inside.

I did take advantage of having the bottles in the house to clean them up a bit. 

Thankfully, none of the girls are due to have babies for another two weeks.  All our current babies are right around weaning age and are either still with their mothers or have a lot of siblings to snuggle with.

It looks like the temperatures are rapidly going to warm back up over the next few days.  This is probably going to wreak havoc with their coats, but I'll take molty woolies over freezing water bottles any day :).


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