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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Buck Blues

It's becoming almost a joke around here- and a reoccurring blog topic as well.

I went out to sex my baby woolies yesterday.

Indiana: 4 Bucks, 2 Does
Fiona: Doe
Puzzle: Buck
Rumor: 2 Bucks
Epiphany: 4 Bucks, 1 Doe

11 Bucks, 4 Does.  Terrible odds again!  I am hoping the two broken bucks out of Rumor do a switch on me- or at least one of them does.  It was hard to get an accurate read on them.

The good news is that the two does in Indiana's litter are both showable (a black and a siamese sable) and they are out of Panda! He's given me mostly bucks in all the litters I've gotten from him- in fact, these two little girls will double the number of does he's produced.

Of the 11 bucks, one is a pointed white and will be sold.  One is a broken black with no mustache who will go as a pet.  The rest will have to be typed and considered, but I know I won't grow out more than one buck from Indiana's litter (since there are two does I'll be growing out) or two bucks from Epiphany's litter (the doe is already sold, she is a pointed white).

Oh well, I rebred 6 wooly does yesterday- here is hoping I get a few more ladies next round!


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