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Monday, July 30, 2012

Growing babies

The babies are growing up! Everyone is out of the nestbox and running around- so far we've had no losses, which makes me so happy.

I haven't done very much breeding in July- I believe I have only two litters due in the month of August.  This is partially because nearly all my does are on litters already. I do have two ladies that will be bred for one last litter and then hopefully sold- it is my goal to breed them, foster the babies and then have them available for sale at the September shows- I may have more does available, depending on how these little junior girls grow up! I'm looking forward to starting a new round of does in production- it has been so long since I have had more than one doeling!

I'm already in love with at least two bucklings.  Thankfully they aren't brothers, but what in the world am I going to do with two more bucks?

Puzzle's litter was split up- half went to her daughter and she has been raising the other half (2 and 2).  I am very happy with my decision to split the group, even though it meant waiting to rebreed Muse and hopefully get a live, non-peanut litter out of her.   The Puzzle kits are too important to me and Muse has been worth her weight in gold as a foster mom.  Her first foster kit, Keep's Rumor Has It, thrived under her care.

I hope others are the same wonderful luck I am (knock on wood, of course).



sherilynnred said...

Hello Kristen,
I really have never been on a blog so I don't know what I am doing :/ but I would like to email you, as I was referred to you by Julie & Kristina. I don't know where to find your email address. Thank you, Sheri.

sherilynnred said...

Gosh, I don't know what I am doing but I am giving it a whirl :/.

Keep said...

Hey! I just saw this, glad you found me anyway :D