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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sneaking a Peek

I pulled out some young juniors yesterday and decided to take a "sneak peek" to see what their type looks like at the moment.

I am wow'd by the litter I checked.  It started off beautifully as I marked their ears and wrote down color and sex- I discovered the lone siamese sable in the litter is actually a doe instead of a buck!  Even better, she has been my POL based on head size for a while, I found that her body as of yesterday makes her the overall POL!

I'm actually really thrilled with this whole litter.  I will have two black doelings available at some point in time in the near future, I just have to decide which black doe I'm going to grow out alongside her siamese sable sister.

I made an effort to sex one of Puzzle's babies yesterday- they are still so small, but I think one of her torts is a doe!  I am so happy with all the little girls in the barn, they will be replacing some of the older ladies.

I've been using my REW herd buck more recently, so I think I have finally managed to sneak the REW back in to the herd.  It's been forever since I've had a REW baby born.  That color news coupled with the fact that I do still have some blue hanging around is thrilling!


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