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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the rabbitry-

As a quick update- I'm devastated to report we lost seven babies recently.  I think I've narrowed it down to either bad feed or bad hay.   Regardless of the cause, the whole barn is dealing with a feed change.

This isn't without it's own problems.  My favorite little doeling is dealing with some stomach troubles probably caused by the new feed.  She's at that tender age of 6 weeks and we've been dealing with her one day at a time.   Luckily, she's been hanging in there for several days (the others all died within 24 hours of first showing a problem, which is why I believe this is caused by a change in feed, not bad feed).

It has been tearing my nerves up to be unable to save my babies.  Even worse, some of these youngsters I had been keeping my eye on as prospects for a few folks who were looking to get started in woolies or else expand their herds.

So, in short, it's been depressing around the barn lately.  Fingers crossed for this little doeling to pull through for me.


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