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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Show and Baby News!

Keep's Tequila Mockingbird (we've gone through several name changes) won a BOB her first show out at the Taylorsville Night Show! I'm so tickled, I like her, but wasn't expecting her to do so well this young.  She turned 12 weeks old the night of the show :).

Keep's Orion, a little broken junior buck, joined his brother Taurus in the "We've got a junior leg" club.

I also won $10 in a drawing the club did for all the show writers.  It was my lucky show!

The good luck continued, when I got home today I found Keep's Puzzle with FIVE happy, fat babies!  These are out of Keep's Poplar, my REW herd buck.  Puzzle is my BOSG- Convention doe, so my fingers are crossed this litter grows up without any troubles!

Keep's Fiona kindled three! This is her largest litter since the Incident- she did have one peanut, but I'm not counting it in the litter count.  The sire to the litter is Keep's Unexpected.


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