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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Baby Boom!

I'm so happy with the baby boom I've been having lately- everywhere I look are babies.  A preliminary sex check is also showing me I have some doelings- hooray! I can finally start moving out some of the does to make room for the new little ladies.

I've got such a rainbow of colors right now, it's crazy!  Of all the babies 6 weeks old or younger, I have:
3 sable points
4 torts
1 blue
4 blacks
3 siamese sables
1 chestnut
1 sable chinchilla point (agouti sable point who will be petted out because of unshowable color)

Yep, 17 babies right now! I love it.  I am just so excited to see these little guys grow up, a few are looking super adorable right now.  I've identified one little buckling who will be petted out because he's looking a little big.  Of course, he also has the smallest white snip on the very tip of his nose which I would have missed initially had it not been for Tim's sharp eyes picking it out. The sable chinchilla point is looking gorgeous and already has a pet home lined up- that leaves me 15 babies to evaluate in the next few weeks and months!  I'm starting to regret selling so many cages.



Briana said...

so much beautiful shaded love... i'm jealous. lol

Keep said...

Hehehehe <3. I love me some shadeds :P :D