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Thursday, November 10, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

I've been going through my herd, looking to fix problems and strengthen strengths.

To me, the worst part of raising rabbits is to try to fix one nitpicky piece.  Do you need more width? Be prepared to sacrifice shortness of body or quality of wool.  Do you need thicker ears? Be prepared for more length to them or to lose some hindquarter!  It's very rare that you are able to fix a problem area in your herd without losing something else!

It's also impossible to find a complete buck or doe.  No one has a perfect rabbit and even if they did, they aren't going to sell it. 

I've decided that instead of "fixing" my does with bucks, to go the opposite way and "fix" my bucks with does.  To that end, I've brought in a few new does.  Actually, one is a Keep's doe that I sold out to California a while back.  The other is a cute little black doe who is very promising.  I'm anticipate that her lines will mesh well with mine.

I can't wait to have my current round of juniors grow up.  I'm really keeping an eye open for does this year- I don't need bucks right now, which means that of course all of my babies will end up boys!  This round of babies was very "Panda"-heavy... by which I mean I bred Panda almost exclusively.  I can't wait to take some of his daughters and breed them back to some of my other bucks.

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