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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving Out and Moving On

The rabbitry is starting to look a bit empty.   I have 13 cages standing empty right now- and for once, that includes all my juniors being separated!

I do have two rabbits coming home from a sell-out.  I need to get out there and start selling off those excess cages before I fill them right back up.

I am planning on retiring Keep's Chapel Hill soon.   She is still in production and is actually due to kindle this month.  She's just getting older- it seems like just yesterday she was taking 2nd place junior doe at Nationals.  Now I'm looking to find a good pet home to place her in.

As always, I'm looking to make more cuts to my shaded senior bucks.  I was able to force myself to part with only one at Convention. I miss him very much, but he's in such a fantastic home I can't be too sad.

I have ideas on who I may let go next.  Since all my shaded senior bucks are grand champions with the exception of one (poor guy, he's only been to one show as a senior and took 2nd both times behind the other shaded senior buck I took), it's not an easy decision. I think I'll first have to make a list of who definitely can't go anywhere, then move from there to the ones I will consider letting go.  It's hard, the bucks are my favorites- especially the shadeds! However, I have to make room for upcoming bucklings and I can't do that if the cages are all filled.

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