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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kind of quiet lately-

The blog has been kind of quiet lately, I know. 

The reason is- well honestly I've stopped and started dozens of posts.  I've written quite a few that never get published.   I know for a fact that there are people out there who read this blog to "spy" (hello.. this is a public blog.  It's not spying if I am giving you the information lol!) or who read it just to find something to get upset or offended by.  In fact, if you are reading this right now and are offended by that last sentence- it's you.  You also need to work on your issues.  Seriously.

Anyway, in the interest of creating a less drama filled world, I'm working, slowly, on decreasing internet presence.  I still fully plan on blogging and posting pictures, updating the website, etc.  I just highly doubt I will be blogging daily or every other day.  No big shock there, huh?

So, now that I got that out of my system- I will see you local folks at shows (ooo see that spies? I'm going to local shows! Scandalous.).  I will hopefully see you non-local folks at Nationals!

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog.  I started it in July of 2007 just as a way to share ideas, goals and updates with some friends.  I never dreamed I'd meet people and they'd say "Oh! I read your blog!"  I surely never dreamed I'd be able to keep it going for so long!   I hope you readers stay with me and read the updates, no matter how slowly they may come in! 

This definitely isn't the end...just a semi-hibernation for a while :).

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Kristina said...

I am so offended it's not even funny!!!! hahaha. Luv ya Keep, hopefully I'll see you at nationals!! I plan on going up with Sandi Meadows and my hubby, so that should fun.

Ignore those prying people that have nothing else better to do, they're the pathetic ones, creeping and what not.

Keep said...

lol! Oh you are definitely one of the bad ones Kristina, I know it! :P.

I look forward to seeing you! :D I hope we have the same 80 degree weather we had last year! Buwahaha. :)