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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yet another Convention post

We finalized entries last night- talk about nerve-wracking! One of the does I very much wanted to show is currently in a half & half molt.  Half of her is beautiful and the other half...gag!  One of the junior does is about to blow her coat, so I had to do two last minute substitutions.

I've got so much to get ready for the big show.  Folks on Facebook are not helping with their statuses reminding me that the day of the show will be here all too soon.  I guess I'd better get on buying those little extras, huh?

I have several rabbits leaving to go to their new homes across the United States.  As of yesterday, I will also have two does leaving to begin new lives in Indonesia! I'm very excited to have an opportunity to send two lovely producers over to some new friends who are working towards their country's first ARBA show next year! 

I'm bringing home two Keep's rabbits.  One has been vacationing in Pennsylvania and the other was living out in California.  I'll post pictures when the prodigal bunnies return.

Now that I am safely past the "Convention week due date" zone, I'm able to start rebreeding my does as well.  I look forward to a baby boom in the month of November!

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Kristina said...

I didn't edit anyone. Kind of scared, no one has started to molt. They better not start! They've been warned...