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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Convention Bound- Soon!

We're down to "go time". 

We will be leaving in four days.

One week from now, judging will be underway.

I'm freaking out- again.

There is a lot left to do.  I have to finalize all the information for the transporting I'm doing.   This involves spreadsheets.  Lots and lots of spreadsheets!  I want to make sure every bunny gets to their transporter or comes to me with the minimum amount of headache.

I need to get all the information for the sight-seeing we plan on doing. A big part of the Convention Experience  for me and Tim (and anyone with us) is exploring the state we are in.  I love rabbits but I am not spending almost a week doing nothing but eating, sleeping and looking at the same animals in the same coops.

I plan on clipping nails and doing all my tattoo touchups before we hit the road.  I do NOT want to be clipping nails as the classes are called!

Luggage packing is definitely on the list, as well as packing for snacks.   Since Jersey Woolies are one of the opening breeds at 8am, I am hoping we will be finished fairly "early" in the day.  My friend has Rhinelanders and we aren't sure when they will be going up on the table, so it never hurts to be prepared.

I'm going to try to do a bit each day so I don't end up overwhelmed.  Well, more overwhelmed.

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