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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I put off breeding the woolies for a while and now I have to wait until their due dates will be safely past Convention before I breed again.  I do have two does due towards the end of October, but that's about it.

I have a good amount of empty cages in the barn right now- it makes me so happy.  My goal is to move out my 6 hole stacker and at least one of the 3 holes.  Then, after the Convention sales animals move to their new homes, I'll take out another 3-holer.  I want to move my hay container into the rabbitry and get some shelves put up to house the nest boxes and other things.

I have managed to nail down 5 Convention entries.  The rest I'm flipping back and forth on.  Will they have wool? Won't they?  I think I'm going to NOT enter my two sale bucks.  Then, if any of my show team absolutely looks awful, I can substitute a sale animal instead.

I need to get my website updated badly.  Most of the animals pictured on it I don't even have anymore! Yet another thing to add to my list of "find the time to do this".

I have two pet woolies available.  One is a charlie mark and the other is missing it's butterfly.  The "pet" tag in no way indicates their quality, I just don't mess with mismarks.  They will be available at 8 weeks old.

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