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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do or Die Time!

Well this is it! Coats are the best they are going to be for Convention.  My shaded Junior doe has a ROCKING body, but she's giving me some attitude when it comes to posing- hussy!   Sadly, she's got very, very short wool.  It's long enough to show her, but ehh.

I took a look at the numbers- Self Group, Broken Group and Shaded Group are the biggest  groups this year at Convention- and I'm entered exclusively in those three.  We will have enough animals to leg out every class except AOV juniors, assuming there are enough exhibitors.

I may or may not have internet access this coming week.  The best bet for updates is via my facebook page, I can at least text a friend to post on my wall should the stars align and I somehow win Best of Breed (LOL).

To everyone traveling to Indy, be safe and we'll see you there!

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