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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taylorsville Night Show Results

I went to a show this past Saturday. It was so great to see everyone but good lord it was HOT! So hot in fact that one of our exhibitors had to be taken by the EMTs to a local hospital. Not good!

Show A:

Keep's Panda- Broken Sr. Buck- BOSG
Keep's KS1- Broken Jr. Doe- 1/2
Keep's KS2- Self Jr. Doe- 1/3
Keep's KST- Shaded Jr. Buck- BOSG
Keep's KPO- Shaded Jr. Doe- BOG
Keep's Pakhet- Tan Jr. Doe- BOG

Show B:

Keep's Panda- BOSB
Keep's KS1- 1/2
Keep's Poplar (Self Sr. Buck)- BOSG
BL's Isis- (Self Sr. Doe)- BOG
Keep's KST- BOSG
Keep's Pakhet- BOG

I took 10 rabbits total to show, so I'm very pleased with how everyone did! This is Panda's second show as a senior and the second BOSB he brought home! Yayy Mr. Panda :).

Keep's Rabbitry

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