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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing with bunnies

I spent about an hour last night outside grooming and playing with the juniors. I've realized I have chosen THE WORST time to try to sell some of these juniors, as a combination of early molts, summer ears and the uglies has conspired to make them look truly awful. Ahh well though, I always do my best to describe animals accurately and only sell the ones that I think will be helpful to someone's herd.

It was nice to be outside and playing with the babies. There are several I am really excited about, I hope they look nice around Convention time!

Keep's Calypso, my Opal doe, is due to kindle today. If she doesn't have a litter, she's going to be for sale immediately. I have to wait for my broken chestnut doe to raise her litter. She's got three adorable kits- a REW, a broken opal and a chestnut.

Keep's Rabbitry

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