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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Selling Down Groups?

I'm considering selling out of my agouti and tan pattern animals. Admittedly, I don't have many of either- a broken chestnut doe, an opal doe, a black otter doe, a REW hiding otter, a smoke pearl marten doe and a few assorted juniors that are either black otter or are REW and probably are hiding it...

It would open up more space for me. The main problem is I only have so many holes and shadeds and selfs take up the main part. However, I don't have an agouti herd buck OR a tan pattern herd buck. I can't use my broken self buck with my broken agouti doe and beyond him, I really only have two self herd bucks, one who is a blue and one that is a REW. Since the blue is the father of the opal and I see no benefit to breeding her back to him, that gives me only two bucks she can be used with and only two the broken chestnut can be used with. So...after two litters I have to repeat breedings or sell them anyway.

I have a tiny bit more flexibility with the tan patterns because shaded martens ARE showable in woolies. I am just not sure how much I want to mess with them.

Blah! How did I end up with so many freaking tan patterns in my barn?

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