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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer of Hell

I want to preface this by saying- before this summer, I went YEARS without losing a rabbit. The odd baby here or there, maybe, but very, very rarely did I ever lose a full grown rabbit.

Then came the incident. Which was my fault.

Then came the loss of several babies. Not my fault this time.

Then came the loss of more babies. Not my fault again.

Now this.
Picture is Keep's Juniper as a junior. Right before we went to Convention and she took 4th in her class.

It took me a long while to get Juniper to kindle. She had a dead litter on the wire- 6 babies.

I rebred her and just last week, she kindled one live baby. A day later she kindled three DOAs- she had trouble giving birth. I noticed she wasn't taking care of her kit, so I gave it to Flirt, who lost her entire litter because she gave birth prematurely.

A few days later, Juniper passed 3 more dead babies. One was very, very mangled, she had a lot of trouble with it.

Today- Juniper passed away :(. It was due to complications in the kindling, I know that. I don't know if she had another baby that she couldn't pass that became toxic, if she had an infection- I just don't know.

But the summer of absolute Hell continues.

Juniper was rotten- every day, she'd pick her wiffle ball up and toss it in her food dish. Every day, I'd pick it out and throw it back to her. She was always at the front of the cage being nosy.

It's a small comfort that I spent time with the juniors last night, but took some extra time to give her some head rubs. :(.

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