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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm feeling REALLY selfish right now, so I'm going to talk it out here.

I love Keep's Tryon. LOVE him. I owe that buck a lot, several national placings, the quality of my shaded herd, my first big wins, etc. So, I've always said he has a home here for life.

I've found myself using other bucks a lot more lately. Part of it is because he's in the pedigree of nearly every shaded rabbit, but now that's just not true- I've got several unrelated bucks and several unrelated does.

My goal lately has been to slightly "upsize" my woolies. I LOVE their size and I love them small, but I want to keep them from getting too tiny to compete. Tryon is a beautiful, bulky, man beast of a bunny, but he's also kind of small.

He has started being pitiful in his cage whenever he sees someone else get a lady friend.

I'm wondering if it's selfish to keep him. After all, he had a 1 in a million impact on my herd and I know he'd do that anywhere he goes.

I still show him and he seems to really love being on the table. Judge Jamie Green mentioned his "presence" on the table at the last show. He loves being admired!

He's such a goofball. I love to snuggle him- he lets me carry him around like a little rag doll.

I dunno what I'm even talking this out for, that rabbit isn't going anywhere. He's a for-lifer.

Keep's Rabbitry

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Gwen said...

You can always stud him to a youth breeder. That'll make him more useful *wink wink* JK