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Friday, November 12, 2010

Back From Convention!

We're back from Convention and wow. It was definitely an interesting experience- this is only my second convention. I've learned a few things and will be implementing a new sales policy for future conventions, to help make the process less stressful for me.

We did really well considering. My lovely friend Lisa Young transported the animals 20+ hours for me and wow- some of them really took the trip hard! Poplar, Cairo, Lifeline and Juniper all completely blew their coats or heads- or both!

Despite that, here are my results!

Broken Jr. Buck- 3rd
Self Sr. Doe- 4th
Self Sr. Buck-10th
Shaded Jr. Doe- 4th
Shaded Jr Buck- 7th
Shaded Sr. Buck- 6th
Shaded Sr. Buck- 9th

So I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but hey, I did pretty darn well, I think! I was rooming with the BOSB Belgian Hare owner. She had a pair of Keep's Hares and I'm happy to say Keep's Bandito Jr. placed 6/12 in the senior buck class! He produced the 2/12 animal though! YAY!!! She also named a rabbit for me- and Keepee won the Senior Doe class! I'm not sure how Keep's Ariel placed, it was a very large senior doe class, but I think she held her own pretty well.

I fell in love with at least a dozen breeds this week! I have to say, I learned so much about Rhinelanders, I'm looking at them in a whole new light!

I've got so many Convention stories to share, but I'll have to get to those a little later, I'm still completely exhausted!

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