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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official

It's definitely official. I'm doing a herd reduction and will be attending less shows.

I had considered going to Richmond this weekend, but I realized I'd be overly stressing myself mostly for POINTS. I'm trying to get an edge on my competitive nature (to a certain degree) and with so many other things going on Saturday and Sunday, I don't want to kill myself over a few points for the rankings. My animals aren't going to be any nicer, or any uglier if I'm 10th on the points list or 100th! This is what I am telling myself, anyway, because I really do enjoy shows. I just feel bad spending so much money on entry fees and travel!

So, there we go. Less shows... More money.

On to the herd reduction, I know at this point in time I am going to be letting a Black Otter Sr. Doe go. She's never been bred because she's not a very old senior yet. If I don't sell her by x date, I'll be breeding her to get her started. I'm also going to have a black almost senior buck.

I also have my eye on a few others that I need to look though. It's unfortunately been super cold or super rainy, and with other things on my plate, I've had to wait on getting out there and going through the animals. Bahhhhhhhh. Maybe tomorrow! Fingers crossed, anyway.

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