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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

Man, I wish I had bred some does to be due on this day that barely exists!

It's a rainy day around the house.  No does are due for a while.  Everything is just on hold until the Nationals show is over.  I know that's all the blog has been dominated with lately, but my last show was a while ago and the next one coming up just happens to be a big deal!

I've added a few chickens around the house.  I will have some of them for sale in Greensboro- they are bantam cochins.

I may have a few rabbits for sale in Greensboro, though it seems like most of my sales list has already been spoken for.

Keep's Rabbitry


jaylin said...


I'm looking for some young adult female woolies or possibly some babies..
please let me know what you may have and where your are located or if you come to raleigh??
PS: I currently have bonded 2.7 lb lionhead couple that run my house

Keep said...

Hey! Right now I don't have any babies or young does available- I am located in the Greensboro area.