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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Putting the Wool in "woolies"

Or rather... where is the "wool" in these so called "woolies"?

I am so frustrated.  We've planned, we've saved and we're looking forward to Convention in Indianapolis.

What could go wrong?

Oh... yeah.  The rabbits.

The buck I was most looking forward to showing is molting so badly he has bald spots.  He's also the world's slowest wool grower.  Great, that's a no go for him.

Everyone else is either naked, about to be naked, just barely starting to not be naked or a baby.

Yeah... a BOB winning Convention lineup, they are not based on wool right now.

It's very disappointing to breed hard, make beautiful animals and then have them not be primed for Convention, the biggest show, and able to show themselves off.


Keep's Rabbitry


Briana said...

They need to move the date of convention... lol

Keep said...

haha seriously! :)