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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greensboro NC Show Results

We had the Greensboro show today! I am exhausted, but the show went really well! We managed to get a triple done by 3:30! WHOA! Way to go Sandhills, for an excellent show.

I didn't do much at this one- everyone is super molty or very young, but I did manage a few good placings.

Travis Finkle gave Keep's Little Comment (shaded sr. buck)  his 3rd leg in Show A! Yay for the newest Keep's grand champion.  Little Comment did really well, this is only his second show and he brought him his 4th leg!

Wade Burkhalter (one of my favorite judges, by the way, hehe) had us for Show B.  My broken tort junior buck took 1/4, my black junior doe took 1/2, Keep's Heart Throb (shaded sr. buck) took BOG and Keep's Bee (self jr. doe) took 1/5 for her first leg in her first time out! Yay!

We had Owen Yates in the third show.  I really enjoyed this judge, he was very easy going and fun to talk/joke with, though he kept the pace up as well.   Under him, the broken tort junior buck took his class again and BOSG!  My black junior doe won her class again, Keep's Little Comment got his 4th leg and my baby shaded junior doe took 1/2. 

So yay!  Several new legs, granding another buck and a wonderful day full of friends.  I had friends come up from Oklahoma to visit/show and met some new wooly breeders. 

Now I am exhausted and hoarse! Someone remind me NOT to talk so much...oh wait, that's pretty much "my thing".

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The Kings said...

Congrats! Sounds like a successful day to me.:-)

Julie said...

Yay! Congratulations on your placements!

Kristina said...

Go Keep! Congrats =)

Keep said...

Thanks guys! I enjoyed the show, it was nice to be able to joke with folks :).