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Friday, April 15, 2011

Vacation Catchup

Wow, I love vacations, but I have so much to catch up on!

I'm so lucky with my friend Becca- she's my Rabbit-sitter and she did a GREAT job. She had to deal with a ton of litters due because I'm dumb and didn't think about being away when I bred them!

McKie's Lilly had a single baby.
W.O's Flirt had FIVE babies.
Rosemeadow's Midnight Toast had SIX babies!

So wow, I came home to 12 babies! Lilly took two of Toast's kits, so she doesn't have quite as much to deal with.

I was reading Joni's blog and saw that her shaded buck Panache took a BOSB in Taylorsville! YAY Joni! I may be wrong, but this seems like it might be Panache's granding leg- if he hasn't granded out already. I know she's super excited!

Since I missed that show, I may have to sweet talk Tim in to going a little farther afield to get my show fix before the next NC show! :). We'll see though!

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