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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not great odds

Eurgh! I haven't had good odds with my babies kindling so far. One doe had a DOA and 1 live..peanut. I've been having a lot of trouble with this particular doe- at first she wouldn't kindle at all and now this is her third dead litter >.< I'm giving her one more chance because I know she's proven.

My other doe that kindled was a first timer. I left her in with my brood buck for about 3 weeks and it's a good thing I did. She kindled 2 weeks after her original kindle date, so I know when the buck finally caught her! She dug down to the bottom of her nest and kindled three, all of which froze, despite her pulling plenty of wool. As I was cleaning the nestbox, I found a live baby curled up all alone towards the front of the box! SMART baby! It didn't chill when it's siblings died. I rearranged the box and put him back in there. I am hoping someone else kindles soon so I can do some fostering.

I am declaring "last chance" on four different does in the rabbitry. If they don't kindle on this next round of breeding (I'll be doing week long slumber parties between the bucks and the does) then I'm declaring them duds or "dried up". Siiigh, I hope they pull through!

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