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Monday, April 25, 2011

It didn't quite work out-

Well, my hopes of Easter babies didn't pan out! None of the does due kindled on that day (or as of yet) and I believe that several of them are not going to kindle at all.

It amazes me how just 2 weeks before, almost all of the does kindled and yet this second batch saw only two have babies.

I'm still on the hunt for a new feed. The Purina I'm getting right now is AWFUL. It's basically falling apart when you touch it- gross. I could contact Purina, but they don't care, as they've shown any time I brought a concern to them. I know they'll just say "Oh, moisture, blah blah blah". Yes... Moisture. Sure. That is the easy route, isn't it?

Whoops, sorry, I didn't mean to make this a Purina Rant, so I'll stop there.

I'm getting so frustrated with this feed issue.

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TrueFriends said...

We use ADM feed. I have notice our rabbits are healthier, have better fur and healthier kits.

kimberly said...

We actually use Manna, but have also noticed the pieces breaking more this spring. I wonder if it could be the humidity. The pieces were nice and long before, now they're breaking, though not as much as the Purina, that's why we switched in the first place. What is ADM feed?

Briana said...

kimberly: ADM is Pen Pals. :)

I use it too. I switched from Purina to it a few months ago. Everyone seems to be doing better on it.

Keep said...

Ahhh Pen Pals! Can't get that here :(.

I was mixing Manna Pro for a short time and the rabbits didn't seem to mind. I am thinking of starting to mix it 50/50 with my crappy Purina.

In the summer, the feed draws more moisture which helps it to break up more- that's why it's hard to store much food in the summer. However, I feel that as much as it's breaking up is ridiculous considering it's hardly hot yet! :/.